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The All of It

You can’t have it all.

What’s more, you don’t want it all.

You want your own joy.

This morning, I read two blog posts that shook me to the core. They reminded me of what I already know, what murmurs low throughout the day while I hasten, mull, hustle, and get the important stuff done.

The first piece was Anna Sabino’s “Wear Your Too Large Wings with Confidence. You’ll Grow Into Them.” She urges us to fully embrace and inhabit our dream identities now, to claim our place and make our contributions.

The second piece was Benjamin Hardy’s “2 Quotes That Will Reshape Your Approach to Life.” He encourages a full-out engagement with all of life, giving it your all right here and right now.

What I want to say to these excellent writers is: Yes.

My Yes is not necessarily one that fits expectations or habit, but it’s my own and I will do all that is in my power to fully engage, create and live in the reality of possibility.

As I head into my own most excellent day, I send profound appreciation to those who share their brilliance on Medium — and remind us of who we really are so we can live our own juicy, rich, abundant lives.

What I say now is: Thank You!


2 thoughts on “The All of It

  1. Living with gratitude is a gift….it makes every chipmunk, foxglove, and spiderweb a cause for joy and thanks. Love the message in this piece! XO


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