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Glittered Love Notes

Where do Mom cards go? Glittery, magic rainbows Buried, lost, forgotten? It happened again. Sorting book donations for Darien Book Aid, I discovered an exuberant card made with all the passionate love of a three-year old. At the bottom of a tired cardboard box filled with battered textbooks, current bestsellers, and heavily highlighted classics, it… Continue reading Glittered Love Notes

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Make Your Own Purple

Mrs. Babson’s classroom was paradise. Large, sturdy easels offered huge pads of white paper. Brushes, sponges, and paper towels lined the low shelves. Tins of watercolors were stacked alongside big squirt bottles of paint. Jars were stuffed with colored pencils, rulers, and pencils. In the corner was a water table with plastic aprons, buckets, and… Continue reading Make Your Own Purple