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Where are the Cookie Ladies?!

View story at This is how it goes: You’re quiet, smiling, polite, Unknowing, unknown…   She rushed into the cookie exchange party, garbling out chunks of her horrific day, apologizing for the store-bought cookies festively cello-wrapped with a jaunty bow on top. Exuberant wine glass threatening to douse newly installed hardwood floors, M worked… Continue reading Where are the Cookie Ladies?!

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Untrustworthy Numbers

Digits switch places Flip, reverse, spin, hide, and dance Caller barks, time drains… Summer, 2017 Let’s do something, we decided. Desultory ideas were offered. Dinner? A concert? Summer shines as cherished down time from challenging demands at school, work, and exacting logistical management of home and family schedules. We don’t often get together in the… Continue reading Untrustworthy Numbers