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Pitching Fiction (#AuthorToolboxBlogHop)

Between you and your dreams of a traditionally published novel stands a powerful stranger. Agent or editor, they guard the gate between creative aspiration and success in the marketplace. More than anything, they yearn for great stories, long to launch the story that you wrote. However, their hearts have been broken before, their wisdom, expertise… Continue reading Pitching Fiction (#AuthorToolboxBlogHop)

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Revitalizing Nuts and Bolts–or Beach Reads Reimagined

Summer brings respite A change in daily routines Nourishment profound   We’re already deep into hot weather, fierce thunderstorms, and longer daylight hours that characterize summer in Connecticut. School is out, older students shuffling wan and blank after final exams while little kids bounce, shriek, and dash into the ocean. However, summer is just begun.… Continue reading Revitalizing Nuts and Bolts–or Beach Reads Reimagined

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Primed to Win

Test markets don’t lie All see their desired results Debate best tactics   Short, burly Maury was the New Product Development team’s favorite chef/food scientist. For decades, he had consistently delivered original, delicious recipes on time, as requested, and with a smile, often with a creative twist that delighted taste panels and consumers alike. Affable… Continue reading Primed to Win