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Easier, But Never Easy

Author photo, late fall 2017 Every important teacher has ultimately taught me the same thing: It gets easier, but it never gets easy When the endeavor becomes automatic, taken for granted, you’re losing it. To be a master of a sport, a discipline, an art, you must always remain curious, engaged, open to learning from anyone and… Continue reading Easier, But Never Easy

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The Accidental Aardvark

Author Photo: Exceptionally rare and fine Bolt-Nosed Flying Pig (sus volantes, ictu nasum) In an old house, random is normal. There are creaks, sudden fails (and resumption of function), and things that happen on their own. Books fall off the library shelves and open to the section you need, skittering in the walls suddenly stops when… Continue reading The Accidental Aardvark

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Passion in the Writer, Passion in the Reader

Photo by Alex Mihis on “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.” — Robert Frost While you might be fascinated by your subject, impressed by the intricate plot you have woven, thinking is not enough to sustain meaningful, powerful story, whether it is… Continue reading Passion in the Writer, Passion in the Reader

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Story Ghosts from NaNoWriMo Past…

Photo from pixabay on   This year’s NaNoWriMo novel is tucked safely to rest, but all is not quiet. It is noisy, raucous, rude, and rowdy with stories erupting, brawling, and pleading for me to choose them to work with next. The most pathetic and forlorn of the stories hover around the edges. Hanging… Continue reading Story Ghosts from NaNoWriMo Past…

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Ways to Thrive: Take the Dog for His Walk

Photo by Author, in direct violation of the walk promise   All it took was deliberate blobs of grape jelly. This perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich was built the way my mother used to do it: accidental pockets of jelly in an otherwise carefully built sandwich. Raised during the Depression, she made school lunches the… Continue reading Ways to Thrive: Take the Dog for His Walk

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When the End Isn’t the End of the Story

Photo courtesy of on I typed THE END THE END THE END across the page, saved everything in several places, closed the computer. That was it for the first draft of my novel. I’d close it down formally the next day, with additional back-up, notes, and ideas for further development. An hour later,… Continue reading When the End Isn’t the End of the Story