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Overpowering Cologne–When Dating Anxiety Runs Amok

Chaste cheek kisses done, They sit at the bar, watch game Drink, laugh, tease, and flirt. Esposito’s serves incredible food, simple Southern Italian with flair. In a town infested with chains, they are the one place to go for high-quality meals, attentive service — a good time at a reasonable cost. Wednesday night found us seated at… Continue reading Overpowering Cologne–When Dating Anxiety Runs Amok

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Wedding Catches

She’s the perfect catch: Smart, warm, beautiful. Hey — so is the groom! They were married yesterday. Over and over, awestruck guests exclaimed with profound, heartfelt wonder at how wonderfully matched, how marvelously well-suited these brave, loving partners are — and how their joy is our own, their delighted smiles the ones that bring forth our own. We are… Continue reading Wedding Catches