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Making It Up, His Own Way

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash In his hero shirt, he imagines a different life in which to thrive. ************************************************ Young boy stands, arms outstretched. Wearing his favorite Spider Man shirt, he knows himself ultimate superhero, powerful and brave, strong and smart. Super bad mean guys will always fight him to take over the world, but… Continue reading Making It Up, His Own Way

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Playing Inside the Box #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

The Author Toolbox Blog Hop is “a monthly blog hop on the theme of resources/learning for authors: posts related to the craft of writing, editing, querying, marketing, publishing, blogging tips for authors, reviews of author-related products, anything that an author would find helpful.” Want to jump into the writing tool box? Search #AuthorToolboxBlogHop or to… Continue reading Playing Inside the Box #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

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Ways to Thrive as a Writer: All You Have to Do is Look Up and See

Nikolay Ivanov on I am going to mess up this story. I am going to tell it anyway. Here we go. I’ll start with what I do not know. I’m not clear on any of the facts, not the timing, the people involved, none of the hard and agreed-upon reality of that night when he did… Continue reading Ways to Thrive as a Writer: All You Have to Do is Look Up and See

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The Little Old Woman in the Basement

Photo by the remarkable Matheus Bertelli on The story was lurching toward THE END. I could see the closing scene, taste victory of this fevered National Novel Writing Month draft. Then she showed up. Gorgon sister.* Dragon Lady. Gatekeeper. The little old woman wasn’t meant to be in this story. This was a quick,… Continue reading The Little Old Woman in the Basement

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Short Short Story About an Ugly Sweater

Author Photo of a Pretty Vintage Sweater Gillian spotted the gorgeous sweater in the window of the vintage shop. It fit well and flattered her, was an incredible bargain, and would be the perfect confidence boost she needed for the company Christmas party that night. Feeling beautiful, she braved the party, impressed upper management, and was… Continue reading Short Short Story About an Ugly Sweater