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Sharing Stories of Our Wilderness*

*With profound gratitude to Brene Brown, who has shared her light for many, many years in TED talks, courses, and books including her recent Braving the Wilderness. Have you ever felt like you were plummeting through space just as you’re falling asleep? It’s common enough that researchers and everyday people have developed reasonable-sounding explanations for… Continue reading Sharing Stories of Our Wilderness*

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Your Story and the Reader, One More Time

Readers bring themselves To any stories you tell. Know this — weave them well… I slammed down those words. The idea was to prepare a series of blog posts and schedule them for release while I was out of the country without my trusty laptop. It was a terrific idea. Technology seems to allow you to be present… Continue reading Your Story and the Reader, One More Time

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No Idea What We Ate…But It Was Delicious

The simple promise: Eat something totally new; Report the results. As I prepared to travel, I promised one of my favorite bloggers that I would eat something different, daunting, and mysterious — and report back on the encounter. During her own recent travels, she ate a nasty-sounding dish called smushed peas and was stunned by how much… Continue reading No Idea What We Ate…But It Was Delicious