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Wearing Too-Large Wings With Confidence

Photo by Jan Prokes on A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has landed, is settling in and becoming hard, trustworthy reality. I can hardly believe it. I am jolted every time that I even think about thinking about it. What to do with not knowing what to do? Live the fantastic dream reality. Step into it, enjoy it,… Continue reading Wearing Too-Large Wings With Confidence

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Learning, Unexpected and Wonderful

Photo from Skitterphoto on   It was a Saturday, 9:00 a.m. on a cold, gray winter morning. No one wanted to be in Pilates class, but we did want strength, balance, flexibility, benefits only gained when you show up regularly and work hard every single week. The regular instructor was out sick that day,… Continue reading Learning, Unexpected and Wonderful

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Discovering Delicious Fruitcake

When I was young, Christmas meant a visit to relatives who lived hours away. We didn’t see them other than holidays and major family events, so we didn’t know them well, but we learned what to expect for holiday meals. What was served was traditional, harkening back to a Europe that no longer existed, to… Continue reading Discovering Delicious Fruitcake

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Ways to Thrive: It Doesn’t Matter How You Start, Just That You Do

He was in his forties, fat, out of shape, a hard-core smoker. An afternoon hiking with his kids changed all that. It was late August and the family was squashed inside Grandma’s warm, inviting Cape Cod home. Somehow it was proposed that he take three of the children hiking in the White Mountains, a short… Continue reading Ways to Thrive: It Doesn’t Matter How You Start, Just That You Do

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Treacherous Weddings

Perilous weddings! Chasms revealed, rages flare Conflicts to great lives Weddings join lives. Treasured family and friends celebrate the courageous leap into a partnered fate, whatever fortune may bring or be summoned to create. Guests may dance, exult, drink way too much champagne and make terrible memories, spend time with friends, and enjoy a terrific… Continue reading Treacherous Weddings