Reading List

I am an eclectic reader easily enchanted by bright, shiny images and quickly bored, hence the abundance of books all being read at the same time.  A friend has loaned me her e-reader, hence the list may grow magnificently very soon….all the more portable, all the more books to entrance and captivate!

Currently Reading:  Fiction

  • The Mirror Thief by Martin Seay.  This debut novel is smart, fast, well-wrought and I am having a wonderful time with it.  UPDATE:  Sorry to say, I made it 197 pages in and had to leave the story.  There are several stories woven together in different time periods; unfortunately, the details of the different time periods including obscure slang and terms got in the way of the exciting story.  Bogged down, I couldn’t take it any longer even though I LOVED inhabiting the world of Stanley.
  • “Age Doesn’t Matter Unless You’re a Cheese.” by Kathryn and Ross Petras  Well done all around with perspectives from our elders on age and how to live a good life — yes, it involves a fair amount of wine, laughter, song, and art.
  • Dinner With Edward by Isabel Vincent — Recommended by a reader that I trust implicitly, the story of a young woman having dinner with a friend’s elderly father is absorbing, fascinating, and delightful.
  • If I Forget You by Thomas Christopher Greene — I haven’t started this one yet.  Yes, I confess, I was attracted to it by the beautiful cover.  I have read other of his work and admire him greatly.


Currently Reading:  Nonfiction

  • Writing Deep Scenes by Martha Alderson and Jordan Rosenfeld.  Never have I read such a succinct, smart book for writers about plotting including action, emotion, and theme.  I have read this book with a pen in hand and notebook at the ready to scrawl down new ideas for my own books, including, yes, the wonderful ways that I can make things worse for my characters.  This book is a must-have for writers from an accomplished duo of writers who speak plain, true, and authoritatively.
  • How to Be a Person in the World by Heather Havrilesky — I started reading this book at the library and had to stop because I was laughing so hard that I was weeping and making a commotion. Heather is wise, insightful, whip smart, and fantastically funny — her advice on all things paradox in modern life is brilliant and loads of fun to read.


Read, Loved and Recommend

  • Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld.  Sittenfeld brings Pride and Prejudice into the current age.  Now set in Ohio, the story is faithful to the spirit of the original, but with the zest and brilliant writing that Sittenfeld brings to her stories.  In places, it is uproariously funny — once again precluding reading it in places where quiet is expected.