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She Wrote My Story and Published It*

Photo courtesy of   *And I’m not mad because she did such a great job. Anna Sabino’s new book Your Creative Career: Turn Your Passion Into a Fulfilling and Financially Rewarding Lifestyle launches on January 22, 2018. I had the great good fortune to be an early reviewer for the book and assure you… Continue reading She Wrote My Story and Published It*

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KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid*

Photo from *Or, Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should **And, Don’t Poke a Sleeping Dragon I didn’t come up that pithy KISS title. It comes from the U.S. Navy in 1960 and was used to encourage deep thinking, elegant and logical solutions to complex problems. In the 1950’s, International Business Machines used… Continue reading KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid*

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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

A writer forwarded a link to Tom Colicchio’s letter to chefs which ultimately led me to Micheline Maynard’s “My Open Letter to Tom Colicchio and Every Other Guy in the Restaurant Business.” I clapped for both, sent enthusiastic responses to both pieces, heard back from Maynard: “Thanks — have you tried anything new in particular?” I stammered… Continue reading Where Everybody Knows Your Name

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Walking the Talk

One proposed, all in: Anti-aging is no more! World views are transformed…. The cover of a woman’s beauty magazine blares a surprising stance: anti-aging is no more for us! Inside, editorial declares: We won’t use the term “anti-aging,” will not feature articles about products that hide, mask, turn back time. My question is: Why? Where… Continue reading Walking the Talk