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The Kindness of Strangers on a Plane

I never flew on airlines when I was a kid — family and friends were merely a long, merry, snack-filled, music-saturated car ride away. A motion sickness tablet and I was good to go — a few exciting, miserable day camp bus rides revealed that absolute necessity. All the way through college, I took road trips to get where… Continue reading The Kindness of Strangers on a Plane

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It Matters Who Tells the Story

We tell our stories Through our own experience, Views, lies, truth tangled…. We do our best. In the remarkable Amanda Wakes Up by Alysin Camerota, cable television morning anchor Amanda Gallo lands the job of her dreams and wakes up to herself. Dressed, coiffed, and coached, Amanda is a terrific newswoman who learns to trust… Continue reading It Matters Who Tells the Story

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Untrustworthy Numbers

Digits switch places Flip, reverse, spin, hide, and dance Caller barks, time drains… Summer, 2017 Let’s do something, we decided. Desultory ideas were offered. Dinner? A concert? Summer shines as cherished down time from challenging demands at school, work, and exacting logistical management of home and family schedules. We don’t often get together in the… Continue reading Untrustworthy Numbers