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My Goal: 100 Responses

She started it. I enjoy her smart, wise, terrific writing, thrill at her unique take on the world and fascinating life experiences. When I ran my eyes down my array of marvelous posts to read, I gasped at how she’d once again expressed the singular nugget of beauty that I’d spent ages tumbling useless rocks… Continue reading My Goal: 100 Responses

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The Book I’m Too Scared to Read…and It’s Not Written by Stephen King

Last night, I sat in stunned horror as R. P. Eddy talked about the book he co-authored with Richard A. Clarke called WARNINGS: FINDING CASSANDRAS TO STOP CATASTROPHES. As Cassandra predicted doom for her beloved Troy and was unable to convince anyone to heed her warning, experts foresaw and bellowed warnings to those in charge… Continue reading The Book I’m Too Scared to Read…and It’s Not Written by Stephen King

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Writing Inside Out (#AuthorToolboxBlogHop)

What’s it gonna be: Leave range to play the true game? Stay yearning rookie?   Picture the scene: B movie from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Black and white. Noirish dark, clever staging, meaningful shadow. Shifty character approaches hero, unties trench coat, reveals bewildering array of jewelry. That’s how it can feel when you declare… Continue reading Writing Inside Out (#AuthorToolboxBlogHop)

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Writing One Thousand Words a Day

Write one thousand words No days off no matter what My personal goal   Years ago, I accepted the suggestion of 1,000 words written every day that I discovered in reading Carolyn See’s life-changing Making a Literary Life: Advice for Writers and Other Dreamers. See suggested that 1,000 words was sufficient to confidently declare to… Continue reading Writing One Thousand Words a Day