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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

A writer forwarded a link to Tom Colicchio’s letter to chefs which ultimately led me to Micheline Maynard’s “My Open Letter to Tom Colicchio and Every Other Guy in the Restaurant Business.” I clapped for both, sent enthusiastic responses to both pieces, heard back from Maynard: “Thanks — have you tried anything new in particular?” I stammered… Continue reading Where Everybody Knows Your Name

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Walking the Talk

One proposed, all in: Anti-aging is no more! World views are transformed…. The cover of a woman’s beauty magazine blares a surprising stance: anti-aging is no more for us! Inside, editorial declares: We won’t use the term “anti-aging,” will not feature articles about products that hide, mask, turn back time. My question is: Why? Where… Continue reading Walking the Talk

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Primed to Win

Test markets don’t lie All see their desired results Debate best tactics   Short, burly Maury was the New Product Development team’s favorite chef/food scientist. For decades, he had consistently delivered original, delicious recipes on time, as requested, and with a smile, often with a creative twist that delighted taste panels and consumers alike. Affable… Continue reading Primed to Win

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A Suggestion for Anticipating the Puck

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” — Wayne Gretzky A writer friend gushed the news: a notable publication requested use of a recent blog post. They wanted to see her future work as well. Hugs, tears, congratulations shared, the writer wanted to… Continue reading A Suggestion for Anticipating the Puck