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The Kindness of Strangers on a Plane

I never flew on airlines when I was a kid — family and friends were merely a long, merry, snack-filled, music-saturated car ride away. A motion sickness tablet and I was good to go — a few exciting, miserable day camp bus rides revealed that absolute necessity. All the way through college, I took road trips to get where… Continue reading The Kindness of Strangers on a Plane

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Treacherous Weddings

Perilous weddings! Chasms revealed, rages flare Conflicts to great lives Weddings join lives. Treasured family and friends celebrate the courageous leap into a partnered fate, whatever fortune may bring or be summoned to create. Guests may dance, exult, drink way too much champagne and make terrible memories, spend time with friends, and enjoy a terrific… Continue reading Treacherous Weddings

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Wedding Catches

She’s the perfect catch: Smart, warm, beautiful. Hey — so is the groom! They were married yesterday. Over and over, awestruck guests exclaimed with profound, heartfelt wonder at how wonderfully matched, how marvelously well-suited these brave, loving partners are — and how their joy is our own, their delighted smiles the ones that bring forth our own. We are… Continue reading Wedding Catches