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And So It Begins…

Photo by Carly Rae Hobbins on Unsplash He smiled. She smiled back. Strangers still, but not for long. Who knows what comes next? A happy ending? Let’s wait. See what they do next. It’s their story. I’ve got my hopes up. We’re set up for a rollicking good time complete with slapstick and stupid misunderstandings. Let’s… Continue reading And So It Begins…

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The Great Beyond

Photo by Alessandro Sacchi on Unsplash They live there — in a great beyond. Outlandish… Marvelous… Happily ever after Stretches before us. That’s what I hope, anyway. We met them a couple of months ago — wonderful, friendly and enthusiastic people we met through a writing connection. What’s it like to live here, we asked, knowing they’ve lived there… Continue reading The Great Beyond

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Needing to Leave, Needing to Be Left

We Fit Perfectly Together… Photo by Devon Divine on Unsplash   We were so perfect. I needed to be left — and You needed to leave. Maybe people find their own perfect fit: the ones who are social and gather friends like lint, the ones who cocoon together in movie glow, and still others that attract and repel… Continue reading Needing to Leave, Needing to Be Left