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Reindeer Cookies Return

Author Photo Prior to Devouring Reindeer Cookie About eight years ago, an ambitious high school student had her first cooking gig. A neighbor was hosting a large Christmas party complete with caroling and hot chocolate and hired her to make reindeer cookies for the children. The recipe was simple: sugar cookie, baked as usual. Mini pretzel… Continue reading Reindeer Cookies Return

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Easier, But Never Easy

Author photo, late fall 2017 Every important teacher has ultimately taught me the same thing: It gets easier, but it never gets easy When the endeavor becomes automatic, taken for granted, you’re losing it. To be a master of a sport, a discipline, an art, you must always remain curious, engaged, open to learning from anyone and… Continue reading Easier, But Never Easy

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KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid*

Photo from Skitterphoto.com *Or, Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should **And, Don’t Poke a Sleeping Dragon I didn’t come up that pithy KISS title. It comes from the U.S. Navy in 1960 and was used to encourage deep thinking, elegant and logical solutions to complex problems. In the 1950’s, International Business Machines used… Continue reading KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid*

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The Accidental Aardvark

Author Photo: Exceptionally rare and fine Bolt-Nosed Flying Pig (sus volantes, ictu nasum) In an old house, random is normal. There are creaks, sudden fails (and resumption of function), and things that happen on their own. Books fall off the library shelves and open to the section you need, skittering in the walls suddenly stops when… Continue reading The Accidental Aardvark