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The Kindness of Strangers on a Plane

I never flew on airlines when I was a kid — family and friends were merely a long, merry, snack-filled, music-saturated car ride away. A motion sickness tablet and I was good to go — a few exciting, miserable day camp bus rides revealed that absolute necessity. All the way through college, I took road trips to get where… Continue reading The Kindness of Strangers on a Plane

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Writer Conference Winner

How best celebrate Gathered writer tribe genius, Emerge inspired, changed? Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, short form or long, a writer’s conference is an opportunity for so many personal wins: pitch a book and secure representation; meet a favorite author; befriend other writers; visit an unfamiliar city and savor focus on nothing but your… Continue reading Writer Conference Winner

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The Funnel Theory of Book Reviews

I read books. Many, many books….about 125 a year. Some are pre-release review copies. I read them and post my honest review on amazon, Goodreads and wherever else the author has specified. My favorite guidance from an author was to post my most forthright and honest review prior to release date because any review is… Continue reading The Funnel Theory of Book Reviews