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No Idea What We Ate…But It Was Delicious

The simple promise: Eat something totally new; Report the results. As I prepared to travel, I promised one of my favorite bloggers that I would eat something different, daunting, and mysterious — and report back on the encounter. During her own recent travels, she ate a nasty-sounding dish called smushed peas and was stunned by how much… Continue reading No Idea What We Ate…But It Was Delicious

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Going Back to the Beginning…

“You got it?” “Wait, you mean me? I thought you were…” “No. That was never the plan.” “But I thought…” “Doesn’t matter what you wanted. Now we’re screwed.” “Wait, really?” “Yes, really. I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.” “But it’s supposed to be the opportunity of a lifetime. A must-see.” “Yeah,… Continue reading Going Back to the Beginning…

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Me and My Story…Figuring Out the Way Together

Dive, splash, and delight; Can’t step in the same river twice. Love the all of it. I’ve been working on the same novel for several years. Diligently and faithfully, most of the time, but not all of it, I’ve struggled to express the searing brilliance of a story that came out of nowhere and grabbed… Continue reading Me and My Story…Figuring Out the Way Together

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Walking the Talk

One proposed, all in: Anti-aging is no more! World views are transformed…. The cover of a woman’s beauty magazine blares a surprising stance: anti-aging is no more for us! Inside, editorial declares: We won’t use the term “anti-aging,” will not feature articles about products that hide, mask, turn back time. My question is: Why? Where… Continue reading Walking the Talk