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Big Words Don’t Make It Better

Lofty, inspired words! Thesaurus vomit obscures Meaning’s beating heart… The pretty postcard announced the outdoor art exhibit. The fantastic drawing on the front invited you into a different world while the text on the back detailed the artist’s intention to break paradigms, to elicit viewer activation, to challenge dominant narratives. Dense text bristled about all… Continue reading Big Words Don’t Make It Better

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Treacherous Weddings

Perilous weddings! Chasms revealed, rages flare Conflicts to great lives Weddings join lives. Treasured family and friends celebrate the courageous leap into a partnered fate, whatever fortune may bring or be summoned to create. Guests may dance, exult, drink way too much champagne and make terrible memories, spend time with friends, and enjoy a terrific… Continue reading Treacherous Weddings

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It Matters Who Tells the Story

We tell our stories Through our own experience, Views, lies, truth tangled…. We do our best. In the remarkable Amanda Wakes Up by Alysin Camerota, cable television morning anchor Amanda Gallo lands the job of her dreams and wakes up to herself. Dressed, coiffed, and coached, Amanda is a terrific newswoman who learns to trust… Continue reading It Matters Who Tells the Story