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Her Story Is Not Done Yet…

…she died and her spirit remains her jubilant, loving joy

Photo by Marcus Cramer on Unsplash

I don’t know Bill, never knew Jessie, but I felt as if I did, having met him here on WordPress some time ago.  I enjoyed Bill’s stories, his world view, everything about his posts.  That is why I posted this piece on Medium, my usual platform for blogging — where it is already enjoying robust, enthusiastic response to what Bill wrote.  

Here is my piece about Bill’s blog post as it appears on Medium:  


Jessie died on August 27, 2018, held by her loving family. Bill Schoonover wrote about his time with this remarkable dog on his blog post “Not Worth Beans: A Handful of Ideas.”

Here is a link to his most recent blog post:

Always modest, Bill wrote eloquently, lyrically about a companion who surprised, delighted, loved with all her heart and then some.

Bill and I both love our dogs with all our hearts and souls, giving them the best of ourselves, the best of the world that we know how to share. For us, this bond is a fantastic privilege, a treasured aspect of being human.

Our dogs make us human — make us better humans than we would otherwise be.

I have never met Bill in real life — and never met his exceptional Jessie either — but I feel as if I have through his frank, honest, beautiful writing about heart-wrenching loss and rollicking joy. It would be fine with me if Jessie lay her head on my black jeans and left dog hair. It would also be fine if she dropped a toy and invited me to play, even if the toy was damp, stinky, and suspiciously stained.

Through Bill’s words, I’ve lived a fuller life. I’ve loved an animal and let her go this morning. In reading his words, I’ve lived the travails of old age and illness and oncoming grief along with the years of companionship and pleasure.

His words have made my own long, strange, sorrow-filled path easier. There is comfort in a fellow traveler walking alongside as I stumble and fall, who offers a hand to help me up so we can journey on.

So long, Jessie. Good girl!

Bill, please, if it wouldn’t be too much of an imposition, might you continue your blog now and again?

Please — even though you said that you’re done because she died?

There are those of us on our own paths who can use your words, your kind and wise perspective. We need to know that we’re not alone, that another has traveled this road and is standing ahead to guide us to the summit and beyond.

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