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Picture of Love: Dog

Photo by Andy Omvik on Unsplash

Dogs don’t count,

Analyze, or judge

Love given,

Love received.

They inhabit love, beam it

To their lucky ones.

Forgive me. I came to live with dog later on in life, way past childhood, past marriage and my own children. Fourteen years on, it still feels like we just met.

Like a dog, I entered our relationship innocent of expectations other than those shaped by smart, friendly cats. I knew to expect dog licks, walks, barking. I also knew that there would be playing, chasing, digging, and unexpected events. That would all be good, a genuine pleasure in our home.

I was wrong.

Not in those small facts, but in the colossal size, buoyant shape, and profound depth of the reality of dog love.

Dog love is vast, wide open, cunning and ferocious and heart-expanding joy. With our dog — and those of the many, many others we are now privileged to know, we get to see the vast expression of love, the universe created between dog and human in the life they share.

Dog love can make human relationships look petty, cramped, overthought and dumb. What is there beyond an agreement to share life, to celebrate good fortune and bad alike, to lean upon one another, to yearn and to yield, to lay head upon sad leg…the list goes ever onward.

My dog is dog old, on his way to fourteen with diminishing sight and hearing, but more luminous, faithful and happy expectant love than we’ve ever known.I try to do the same for him — and fail…to understand, to anticipate, to make safe a world gone wobbly and strange — and still I try to make his world as safe and happy as I can do, to keep him comfortable and contributing, to save a place beside me in the big armchair, to tuck a blanket around him when he’s cold. He acts as generous muse, as kind listener, gentle adviser, and compassionate inspiration. I use my words, lean close and breathe warm on him.

Yes, I tell him with words and heart beams: We are together.

He glows back, I know — and isn’t it great?!

In a heartbeat. No thinking required. Happy energy at the ready for whatever is needed.

There’s only one way to put it: Dog Love.

Author Photo of Her Beloved Muse

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