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How to Become Smarter

Not so smart alone

Veering in solo orbits

Can we talk some more?

I love Medium’s clapping hands — what a marvelous innovation to capture how we really feel about the posts that grab us by the throat, that make us think, laugh, feel, that change our world views!

Fellow writers are regularly reviewed, denounced and generally picked on by readers who elect to vomit comments. It’s schoolyard brawl, the mean kids at war with everyone else, taking issue with everything and anything. The worst of them goad fights and response and there is a swift, urgent joy in their repeated assaults.

There are also incredible responders, the people who take the time to comment, even if only a quick “Thanks!” or “Loved this!” or “Just what I needed.” I do my best to be among this buoyant, powerful community, to celebrate the noteworthy, the hard work and difficult art of expressing your thoughts, ideas, and experiences and launching them wafting into space. When I read too fast and misunderstand, I appreciate the writer explaining what was behind smooth, well-crafted words.

Here’s to encouraging even more incredible responders — be specific, be strong, be prolific. I wonder if more responders, positive reactions that reach beyond the cute little clapping hands to communicate something of yourself to the writer might help drown out the trolls, put them in their proper place, in the corner (or hellish pit) for the bullies, the nasty.


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