joy · On Writing

Just Messing Around

Today, I struck gold

Created, developed, sent

Wobbling ideas off…


Today, I lived the dream: fantastic, dancerly workout at studio, drafted a terrific blog post and wafted it out into the world. I coached a young writer, helped a nascent network, connected with friends and laughed. Later, I revised more pages of my novel than ever before, weaving in wonderful hints of the mayhem to warp the world later in the story.

Now it is nearly 7:00 p.m. Dinner is ready to be ready. The evening will star a new favorite series with my loved ones, ever-present and ever-loving dog at my side.

I will sleep the rest of the genuinely weary, physically and mentally and emotionally spent. Any dreams will be welcome fantasies — maybe I can use plot threads and images in my work.

Tomorrow is looking to be another thing entirely. Will today’s rowdy achievements mean that the well is dry — or will it be replenished and generous?


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