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All Wrong from the Very Beginning

We don’t have long now

Until night’s final welcome

Run wild and run free


He snores behind me, beside me, wherever I write. Inside or out, my dog is usually a few feet away from my intense perched focus on the blog post, the essay, the novel, the thank you note, whatever the current endeavor.

Occasionally (and only when we’re outside) he’ll fly into immediate action — challengers must be answered. A deer hurtles across our yard, bounds into the narrow wilderness between houses. Wild turkey amble into view. Rabbit nibbles weeds on the edge of the woods. He barks furiously, chases, and reenacts the glories of his hunt.

Yes, I’m writing about my dog. Again.

He’s an easy target, dozing face stuffed hard into his bed.

But today, I’m going to give him — and the writing a rest.

Ryan Holiday’s terrific book The Obstacle is the Way must be finished. There is a walk to be taken, pizza for lunch, visit to RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison, then home to play bingo.


Yes, bingo.

Friends from my bookclub are going…it’s at the library…after hours, doors locked against late entrants.

What could be better….for giving the writing a rest and recharging? Possibly there will be idea sprigs for future scenes or fantastic characters….


2 thoughts on “All Wrong from the Very Beginning

  1. A cozy dog, a good book, and Bingo! You have a great day going, Louise! Hope you get the letters you need and win big! XO


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