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Word Crumbs

Word crumbs tumble down

Promises for dawning day

Delighted giggle


As often as I can, I walk to the beach. Now that it’s full-on summer, I get out early before summer’s heat and humidity dissolve my determination.

Many writers walk — and write about the gifts they receive from getting away from the desk, the phone, overly ambitious commitments, and wayward pets (sometimes including small children). Nicole Bianchi shares a terrific persepective on writers walking in her November 2016 “Want to Become a Better Writer? Go for a Walk.”

I come from a long line of accomplished walkers, including adventurous hikers, marathon runners, and wanderers of all sorts in all parts of the world, particularly mysterious, magical England, Poland, and Ireland. In my own life, walks are essential to my writing, bookending the tough writing challenges that scare me (walk/write/walk) as well as a way to blow off steam, exult, and talk with characters. Many walks, I find myself beating out rhythm, counting syllables, and playing with theme and rhyme for impromptu, of-the-moment verse.

While some days I set off with a specific topic to think about, plot problem to resolve, or harrowing challenge to face, other days are just for the walk itself, to be out of doors, watching robins bicker, admiring secret flowers, and grinning for no particular reason at all.


2 thoughts on “Word Crumbs

  1. You speak truth! I used to think that my brain was the impetus for the walk, and my body just went along to furnish the ride…I need the exercise even more now, but the mental lift is a huge part of it.


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