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Here’s How It Happened

Rupture safe limits

Tell a good bad break story

When others inquire


A librarian friend is wearing a large black medical boot to allow a torn tendon to heal. It’s a necessary, inconvenient evil during summer’s long, hot, humid days. She wants it off as soon as feasible.

When I exclaimed over the boot and asked how she got hurt, she grinned, “Gstaad…a skiing accident.”

We joked about alternative stories that would captivate other well-wishers. When she declared that she hadn’t settled on a good story about how she got hurt, I mock scolded her that a medical boot demands an enthralling tale and she better get right on it.

A fascinating, well-developed arsenal of stories would provide essential distraction over weeks of recovery. Here are a few ideas that she is welcome to use (I can’t wait to share them and encourage her abundant creativity):

  • Injured carrying a fellow climber down from summit of Pikes Peak
  • Midnight parachuting mission into…{drop voice and shake head, upset that she said this much, unwilling to divulge any more}
  • Jumped off garage to fly like Superman with a towel tied around her neck. It didn’t work (my cousin tried this when he was four years old — didn’t work for him either).
  • Fell into a trap set by malevolent gophers (or the conniving orange cat next door)
  • Golf injury (oh, wait, this one really happened to a friend of mine{really, it was someone other than me or my husband}. Another friend got a black eye after stepping on a sand trap rake that flew up and walloped her face. Golf can be very, very, very dangerous.)
  • Overly aggressive massage (mutter in a low voice, scan room, look embarrassed, provide no specifics)

Possibilities swarm — any and all suggestions for additional stories welcomed with glee. She’s going to be wearing that blasted boot for weeks and her story stockpile needs building.


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