Baseball · story

Rabid Pause

Albert Pujols halts

Poses with his rabid fan

Resumes food shopping


True moment, true story. Extraordinary Major League baseball player Albert Pujols was spotted, pursued, and trapped into posing for a photograph. The two men are framed by a refrigerator case of cheese and shelves of cookies.

In the photo, the fan beams complete joy, the dream of a lifetime come true. Pujols stands tall, profoundly athletic and patient, any coercion he feels hidden well below the surface.

No doubt this photograph will be blown up, framed and mounted in a place of honor. Perhaps it will be the cornerstone to a shrine to an accomplished and admirable ball player likely headed for the Hall of Fame — an exceptional person who responded with grace and presence in the middle of filling a grocery cart.

P.S. I was not that rabid fan — nor do I know or am I associated with him…I’ve followed his career from a very safe distance, ever since excited little boys raved about him and said they wanted to be him when they grew up.


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