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Coffee Encounter

Love unexpected

Conversation and coffee

A shared life begins


In just over a month, a beautiful woman and a handsome man are getting married. There’s nothing new in their story of two people meeting, falling in love, and deciding to spend their lives together. Their first date was coffee and conversation for three hours — and that, too, is not that uncommon — when we first met, my husband and I had a lunch date that stretched on into dinner at the same table in the same small pub. There is also nothing new about the ways that they bring joy to one another, make each other laugh, appreciate one another’s world view and fit into each other’s arms — it is not unknown for people to find their soulmate and spend the rest of their lives together (all too rare, perhaps, but not unheard of).

What is new and heartening is how they built a shared life over long, heartbreaking separations of days and weeks and months, believing in one another and the life that they were creating. While such devotion is not unknown, it is exceptional for their unwavering trust and confidence in their love, their glowing joy in each other lighting up every room. Their story inspires other of us making our own pilgrimmages through perilous, essential, unfamiliar provinces of the heart.

For her bridal shower, an artist created a unique piece for them. My daughter and I gave it to the glowing bride to be, framed and ready to hang in their new home. The only other copy of the work hangs in my own home, an emblem for my own shared lifetime with a man who doesn’t drink coffee, makes me laugh, and cherishes our own worldview.

Art by Barbara Russell at BRussellArt. Very similar to this piece:


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