dogs · On Writing

Dog Day

Downward dog greets day

Barking, running, then napping

Let sleeping dog rest


I messed up.

By 9:00 a.m., I had the trash and recycling ready for collection by the garage doors, placed in the mailbox a card to friends who are moving today, and taken a long walk that included a chance meeting and joyous chat with a friend who I haven’t seen in months. I also had advanced my work in progress novel and jotted down several poems that landed fully formed in my brain as I walked (an example appears above).

Where I messed up is in timing. I assured my dog that one of his very favorite people in the world was coming today. Warm and gentle P is one of the people we rely upon to keep our old house in good order. He also lives with fascinating, pungent cats that my dog revels in sniffing on P’s pants.

He’s coming, I promised, you get to see him! My dog searched my face, recognized blatant joy, and exulted.

We took our usual places in my office, me at the desk pounding the keyboard and him on the couch behind me, drowsing with a happy smile of anticipation.

A couple of times, I glanced at the clock, wondering at how late P was running. He is never late without a heads-up phone call. The dog got up a few times, stretched. Almost time, he seemed to ask, examining my eyes.

Oh, no. I realized a few minutes ago that P was here last week. I’ve been so heads down in my writing that I lost track of days and dates. The dog is in full-on sleep mode, forgoing walk and barking at the cat, to wait for the man who came last week, because his person promised him it was a special day.

I apologize

Let the walk commence, let’s go

Saunter, lunge, sniff, greet


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