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Commencement Bullet Journal Entry

For commencement ceremony for a loved one, pack:


Memories, including bouquet of daffodils found and picked in the woods

Garbage bags (men make a lot of trash)

Cheese snacks (sustenance required for long drive home)

Book (for me, for reading when we have to wait 45 minutes for start)

Tissues (fresh new pack)

Bins (to haul stuff back home)

Duffel bags (to pack up rest of clothes)

Umbrellas (rain is a remote possibility, but still in forecast)

Sweaters (overcast and 60 degrees)

Waterproof mascara (two coats on; more likely necessary since waterproof is more promise than delivery)

Tissues — two more packs (see mascara comment above)

Gas up car (long drive home and don’t want to stop because sometimes car won’t start again when she’s tired)

Feed dog (he’s going to spend a LLLOOONNNNGGGG day home alone)

Champagne/prosecco — celebration!

Gum (for nerves on long drive to ceremony)

Tote (to carry sweaters, umbrellas, book)

Bright eyes and open heart — to fully live an incredible day


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