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Be the Gateway

In BE THE GATEWAY, Dan Blank offers a simple challenge:

“With your creative work, what matters is the work itself, how you have grown as a person as you develop your craft, and how your work affects the lives of others.”

In clear, lyrical language, Blank provides a path that every  artist can take toward making a difference in the world by being a gateway between the art and the lives of others.  So, while the number of social media followers, likes, and other scores are interesting, they do not how successful your art is in touching another human being or in bringing change to the world.

The premise is laid out in three parts:  You Are a Gateway; Open the Gate; and Walk People Through the Gate.  Throughout, Blank shares resources and his own experiences in making art and sharing it with the world.  The book is a gem of a find for artists of every kind in encouraging, motivating, and showing a way that works since it is based upon the artist themselves:

“The stories you tell, the experiences you craft, the moments you share — this is your gateway.”

Blank himself walks the talk.  When I emailed my thoughts in response to a recent newsletter, Blank’s answer was swift, person, and direct: Read the book?  Put up a review.  That I can do — the same that I can take the simple, hard steps to focusing on my story and the experiences that I hope to offer readers.

Wondering what value the book might be?  Consider this:

“What is the biggest thing that will keep your work from being created, discovered, and appreciated?  You.  You are the most dangerous force that will stop your work from reaching others.”

So, for all of us artists here, get to work!  Oh, yeah, and read Dan Blank’s BE THE GATEWAY to share it with the world.


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