Book Review: Always by Sarah Jio

Within the first few pages of Jin’s Always, I was ready to give up.  Plodding prose, too-clever ways to describe appearance and back story, and other missteps nearly killed the story for me.  But then, something happened.  I continued reading for a few more pages and found myself absolutely invested in the story of a woman on the verge of marrying her perfect fiance when she discovers that the man she believed was her soulmate is now living on the streets.  Ultimately, Jio delivered a fascinating story of a woman torn between her present life and honoring her past with a man who feels like home and once saved her life — and who needs saving right now.  A wonderful aspect of the story is Jio’s Seattle:  glorious in all of its rainy beauty and exploration of the complex issues between the different constituencies who love their city and want different futures for it.  Ultimately, it’s a fast read and a thought-provoking exploration of “What if?”


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