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Preposterous Fun

Kristan Higgins has just brought out a new novel called ON SECOND THOUGHT.  In happy anticipation, I read one of her earlier novels called TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.  Within a few pages, I was enthralled with a tightly paced, well-wrought story about what happens when desperate-to-be-in-relationship Grace Emerson creates a make-believe boyfriend to get everyone off her back and out of her business.  Grace is a teacher in a private school, Civil War battle reenactment pro, and a big-hearted, generous woman who can’t seem to keep herself from doing serious bodily harm to the handsome ex-con who’s moved in next door.  Sounds preposterous? Believe it.  Higgins’s brings to life a heroine and a world that you want to live in with her trademark quick wit, warm compassion, and laugh-out loud scenes that will have perfect strangers asking you if you’re alright.  Get ready for a rollicking, preposterously fun time.


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