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The Bee’s Knees!

Beatriz Williams’s The Wicked City weaves together the stories of a smart, sassy flapper from the 1920s and an earnest forensic accountant in the 1990s who would seem to have little in common except for the apartment that they inhabit in different eras on Christopher Street. Yet, in Beatriz Williams’s sure, capable hands, their stories entwine, enrich, and entrance. Both women stand up for themselves and keep going no matter how seductive and urgent the warnings of “Don’t go there. Don’t do that.” The plot is twisty, clever, and tremendous fun. There is mystery and there is constant tension in who to trust and what to do next. There is romance. There is evil and there is good – and all shades in between. You inhabit their worlds, complete with heart-stopping plunges, family drama, speakeasies, loyalty and betrayal, and being in the middle of adventure with these incredible heroines. What’s more, there is bourbon, hot jazz, and a wonderful time to be had in this intelligent, enthralling story.Wicked good storytelling — so glad that this is the first in a series and there’s more coming!



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