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An Ultimate Writer’s Guide

Donald Maass’s THE EMOTIONAL CRAFT OF FICTION: HOW TO WRITE THE STORY BENEATH THE SURFACE is the ultimate writer’s guide to telling a story. Set aside the countless books about plotting, structure, and craft and read this book before you go any further in imagining, drafting, and revising your stories. Throughout this pithy, important book, Maass instructs, demonstrates, motivates, and then gently pushes you out the door to write your story as only you can do. Read it in one exhilarating thrill ride and then read it again slowly to savor its clear prose and authoritative examples. Do the 34 Emotional Mastery exercises and witness your stories grow complexity, depth, and power. Learn from a brilliant master of story at his most personal, eloquent, and encouraging: “The spirit you bring is the spirit that we’ll feel as we read, and of all the feelings you can excite in your readers the most gripping and beautiful is the spirit of hope.”


2 thoughts on “An Ultimate Writer’s Guide

  1. Love your final quote! So many of my pieces start as a rant and then I think, “How does that possibly appeal to or help anyone?” And so, I come back to optimism and hope. So true. And we REALLY need optimism and hope these days! XO Lea


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