Promotion Pandemonium by Stacy Hoff

Here’s a whopping big cup of virtual coffee for you! Keep going, kiddo….

Nights of Passion


I’m double blogging again folks, this time I’m also on USA Today’s Happy Ever After column.  http://usat.ly/2dRgo6D  http://usat.ly/2dRgo6D  I’ve gotta admit, keeping up with my day job (lawyer), night job (romance writer), and my busy (read: hectic) personal life as a wife and mom has been quite the challenge. I’m not normally stretched so thin. But I’ve been especially busy lately with promotion related to my new release, JOCKEYING FOR YOU.

Is promotional effort worth it? I think so. After all, what good is writing a story if no one knows about it?

The downside: I’m exhausted.

The upside: I’m enthralled. I’ve been getting to know many new readers, and having them get to know me.

Keeping in touch with readers is the energy that authors feed on. Readers keep us going, no matter how tired we are. Have you introduced yourself yet? If not, please do! I love blog comments…

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