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The Doggy, Go to Sleep! App

We hunker down each night, hoping against hope that it will be a calm night with no wind, no rain, no loud crashes, nothing to interrupt quiet velvet night.  Our dog prowls the house, hunting for marauders and trying to find that safe place that he lived in once when he was three or four and feeling potent, powerful, and strong.  Too often, something is wrong.  He raises the alarm, panting, barking, racing from room to room to corner the invader and vanquish the wily evil.

The Doggy-Go-To-Sleep app is our latest heartfelt wish.  We have pursued solutions to uneasy dog nights, following countless suggestions and trials of natural and unnatural means to calm our beast.  Currently, we gentle him into a comfortable crate where he cannot hurt himself by crashing into the glass shower doors, jumping onto bookshelves, and shoving himself between boots and buckets in the front hall closet.

With this app, currently in development by a Silicon Valley escapee, a family can sleep through the night undisturbed by their aging, confused, much beloved dog.  All get the rest and the peace that they need while the dog relaxes comfortably listening to an engrossing story.  Soothing dog-approved scents and a gentle, warm vibration from the accompanying ergonomic bed complete the cozy scenario.

While we eagerly await our beta version of the app, we will take him to his first comprehensive geriatric evaluation by his vet.  We will read to him from the books we are reading ourselves, everything from ancient history to Rainbow Rowell.  When we stagger off to bed ourselves, we will lovingly tuck him into his safe place and tune the radio to NPR so he can learn about current events, consider scientific discoveries, and enjoy rambling philosophical discussions.





2 thoughts on “The Doggy, Go to Sleep! App

    1. From what I am learning, doggy night terrors and roaming are fairly common with “geriatric” pups. Sadly, there is no such app. There is only love, patience, and celebration of the occasional nights of complete peace.


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