How to See More Clearly

I want to be an FBI agent.  Well, not really, but if I could take The Art of Perception course taught by Amy Herman, I would definitely opt in — along with the NYPD, Department of Defense, doctors, teachers, CEOs and others who have learned how to see more clearly and completely than ever before.

Visual Intelligence:  Sharpen Your Perception, Change Your Life is a book that encapsulates the in-depth course that Amy Herman has taught for fourteen years. In clear, enjoyable chapters, she guides the reader through the stages of seeing clearly:  assess, analyze, articulate, and adapt.  There is art to examine to develop your own abilities as well as stories about how the class has been used to great effect to save lives, money, and reputations.

I finished reading the book last weekend and already enjoyed a more thorough and conscious experience of what I see and what I do with the information.  However, Ms. Herman’s book goes beyond the simple exercises of sight to expand perspective and understanding.

So, if takes becoming an agent, an officer, a CEO of a multinational corporation, I’m in if it means that I can take the course that brought such a wonderful book to the world.  For now, I am taking to heart a simple piece of wisdom that she shared in an aside that agents are taught to look behind them when heading into an unfamiliar environment in case of needing to make a quick getaway.






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