The Letter, Part IV of IV

The female protagonist in this serial story showed up this morning along with her best friend. They told me that it was time to make something happen – and offered this.


That was the last of it. Kelly had just headed downstairs with a bag bulging with my shoes.

I walked slowly through the apartment. I never imagined that I would live in a beautiful brownstone with high ceilings, warm plaster walls, and glowing wooden floors. It was used to be a daily pleasure to wake up here, read in the sun on the rug in front of the bay window, and laugh over dinner with Alex.

I laid my keys beside the envelope. Kelly was all over me to write down everything that I  wanted to tell Alex, but I couldn’t make myself do it. Why put into writing what you had to say from your heart?

No, it was better this way, simple, direct, and clean.





2 thoughts on “The Letter, Part IV of IV

  1. Yes. You’ve captured the ache that a break-up means leaving a life, a beloved place, happy routines as well as a relationship. Hard. XO


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