A Book for Every Writer Out There — Seriously!

I just finished reading Gabriela Pereira’s DIYMFA (DO IT YOURSELF MASTER OF FINE ARTS) and immediately completed a daunting scene in my work in progress. Yes, this book is that good. You want Pereira on your side when you face the fearsome blank page, attempt to explain your work to non-writers, or dig deep to go that extra ten percent to develop your craft. In clear, well-organized chapters, she eviscerates cherished myths to reveal the harrowing and fantastically rewarding journey of a writer’s life. This exceptional book is the most useful book in my writer arsenal, covering all aspects of writing from the work itself through conferences, critique groups, publication, author websites, and being the CEO of your own writing career. No other book does it so well, so comprehensively and with such candor, wit and clear authority. While I did receive an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for my honest review, I am so impressed that I must invest in two copies: one to use for my own work and another to thrust into the hands of other writers with an earnest entreaty “Read this. You need it. You really do.”


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